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Unlimited Version History Recovery. True Archiving. External Hard Drive Backup. Scheduled Automatic Backup. Mirror Imaging Add-on. Premier Installation Service. Satisfy Regulatory Requirements. Optional Backup to Multiple Datacenters. Sleep easy. Jon Jacobi PC World. Michael Muchmore PC Magazine. Previous Next. Has been a great source of comfort knowing that I have this backup and can access it from anywhere. No problems using it. I'm new with the company, but the sales and billing representative make me feel like I was a current client.

Very happy with the company and its employees, Thanks. Everything seemed OK for general day to day backups and restores. Then, last week, the worst happened; I had to do a restore of 6TB. Now, I'm not expecting instant restores and the data I backup I can live without for a week. So, I phoned the support line and spoke to a technical support agent to explain that it looks like they were throttling my connection. The conversation went on for 20 minutes with the agent speaking to me like I was dumb and would just take his word for things.

I suggested that I must have been very lucky for 3 days; having traffic rates almost flatline from them but not other sites I tested, e.

No Sir, this was down to my connection and usual internet traffic. As I said above, it's great for restoring a few GB.

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When you get to a few TB, you're outta luck. Have used the back-up one time and was relieved to have my data restored. The customer service is great. Jeff Hernandez and David John always provide professional support and are very proactive. Good all around. Not intrusive. Easy setup. Piece of mind. Definitly would recommend it! Pros - easy to use and reliable back up solution.

A Full Review of SOS Online Backup, an Online Backup Service

And, as far as I know, it has the lowest price. Cons - download sometimes takes longer than I would like and you can't download more than one file at once only a whole folder content.

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He was very patient and helpful in stepping me through what was required to resolve my problem. Outstanding customer service! Thank you. SOS is a great company They are there to help you with any questions or concerns you might have.. The service is fast.

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Thanks Dennis Mullin. After tooling along fine for months all of a sudden my backups are so large they require an upgrade. My customer service experience after that was horrible and is still unresolved. They finally did turn on the service anyway with the GB cap and I started playing with it to see what the capability is. Soon got frustrated. Their is no documentation on how to use it. The search on the site was useless. I have no confidence that if I really had to restore something that I would be able to or be able to get any help from them. They have asked me to explain why and review the customer agreement.


Their zendesk customer service system actually has the email dialogue between me and some guy in India where there is plenty of documentation. I do not recommend SOS for Macintosh users. The software and interface are rudimentary compared to the PC version. Many of the features in the PC backup are not available, and while they are working to improve it, I feel as if us Mac users have been given a Beta version. The major problem I have with SOS is that files that are supposed to be backed up not getting backed up.

Customer service has been prompt in responding, but not particularly helpful. The SOS product is reasonable; however, the most unfortunate issue is that after the recent sale of the company to Infrascale the support really went down hill.

SOS Online Backup

Even for severe server outage issues — it takes 24 to 48 hours to get support. It is a reasonable service as long as you are willing to wait for support. Ever since the service was sold to Infrascale it has become impossible to contact Support. If you need to do a recovery than it will take 24 — 48 hours before you receive a response from them. We were originally told that this was a temporary issue; however, over the last 6 months there has been no positive change.

The support has only become worse. I would not recommend this service. Easy to sign up for the service, but impossible to cancel. Absolutely awful support. No call backs on tickets, evasive. No one ever answers the phone. Absolutely no mention anywhere on the site of how to cancel service. Sneaky and deliberate.

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Continues to charge credit card, even after the service has been cancelled. Please beware — it is impossible to get them to refund, even after showing them the backup history, where NOTHING was backed up for over a year. I have had a fairly poor experience with the mac version of the SOS service, to the point where I gave up and paid good money for a subscription to CrashPlan. The PC service may well be better but the repeated failure of web-based file access was worrying, it gave me no confidence at all in the backups.

CrashPlan performs really well in comparison, I would recommend that as a much better mac alternative. I tried this product for months and have never been happy. It runs constantly and never finishes. I have report after report that it failed.

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I was told to let him configure it for me so it would properly, when someone did configure it in the first place from SOS. Just a bad product, annoying and very non-user friendly. When emailed to ask why, they refused to email me an answer. There was a transition period when the owner changed with very poor support, but lately I must say their support has gotten quite better. I recommend this service. I can only speculate that their change to unlimited was just a customer grab they are now doubling back on.

I got screwed when my first aniversary renewal came around. My unlimited plan was reduced to GB. My renewal came up as well.