Mac blending brush 217 dupe

The quality of the bristles is poor, it started shedding after a couple of uses and it is not dense enough to do a good job at blending.

MAC 217 Blending Brush: Review

The bristles collapse as soon as I put any pressure on the brush and I don't like using it. If you ever get a No7 voucher, give it a go- your might have better luck than me. I know that these vary in shape and quality, so it might depend on each individual brush.

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The Crown Brush C is a good alternative too, but it is a bit scratchy, so is the 99p ebay option. I know that all of these look very similar, but they really are different and you can feel it during the application and blending. Please keep in mind, that these are my opinions and experiences and From all the blending brushes I have tried, MAC is definitely the best. Are there any other dupes I should try? Ebay Unbranded Eyeshadow Brush. I got this a little while ago and it was featured on here. I actually really like all but two brushes in the set and I was really surprised that they have held up really well.

However, one of the brushes I do not like is the MAC dupe. Out of all the dupes in this post, I feel it shares the closest semblance to the MAC The bristles feel scratchy on my eyes and that's the major reason why I use it sparignly. No 7 Crease and Contour Brush.

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The bristles are super soft and fluffy and they feel ever so gentle on the eye but they have no control at all. However, if you like really soft blending this brush may be ideal for you. It would have been a perfect dupe if it was a little less fluffy and had more control to it.

Sephora Multitasker Concealer Brush. Now, we are approaching the terrain of the dupes I actually like. However, it is actually rather lovely as an eyeshadow blending brush. It is not a very fluffy brush per say but it has a lot of control. Its tapered shape makes it really useful for blending and depositing colours especially on the outer v. I mainly use it for blending out eyeshadows and while it is not a perfect dupe for the MAC , it is a good alternative.

They have held up so well and I absolutely love them. They were actually my first proper eyeshadow set and I am yet to find any other affordable range that rivals it.

Is It A Dupe?! - MAC 217 Blending Brush

The Nanshy Crease Brush and Blending Brush are my favourite brushes in the set I received as they are perfect for a variety of eyeshadow techniques. The crease brush is slightly shorter than the blending brush but its bristles are ever so soft. It also combines a good amount of control to balance out the fluffiness just like the MAC Unlike the MAC , it is made from synthetic hairs only. I love using the Nanshy Crease Brush to apply colour to my crease and do some blending. However, my favourite for heavy duty blending is the Nanshy Blending Brush which is larger than the crease brush.

It also has a tapered dome tip and it is soft and fluffy. The Blending has no rivals… or does it? The success of this brush has spawned many MAC copies. The Zoeva is a really good dupe for the !

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I actually find it keeps it shape better than the ! Like Liked by 1 person. Its small and tapered and works so well in the crease! I really need to get more Zoeva brushes! I have my eye on one of the flat shader brushes! Super glue! Sometimes the mid-priced stuff provides the least value. I love Bdellium tools so very much … The brand is unfortunately quite underrated!!!

I SO agree, Bdellium tool should get more love! I got a full travel length handle set and I plan on getting more. Have you tried the green synthetic line?

Save or Splurge: MAC & Its Dupes - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

Like Like. From online! I think I will try the Coastal Scents one instead lol. Though I will probably buy more than just the one brush! I canNOT wait for my Zoeva order! Great work with your reviews! You say that your brush is 7 years old. Is that the brush that you are reviewing in this post?