Mac address of samsung galaxy y duos

It was working perfect before and with my mobile connection its still perfect working but suddenly not by wifi anymore I read it, but I have problem at step 1, I can't turn wifi connection On, it says "error" Fixed IP configuration will only work on your home network if you make sure points 1 and 2 are set for you. And our lovely device never be able to connect to WIFI-nets. It is a problem. The thing is that access to system area is closed. Therefore We need Root access to i Or reset to factory defaults and all personal setiings will be lost I checked this issue on myself.

Hi am using Galaxy 3 i Great job! Well explained and easy to follow procedure.

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After updating my router's IP address, immediately got connected. Only problem is you can only browse from your home router which means if you find yourself in any open wifi, may no be able to connect from there. Any help or go round on this? Hello my homebase wifi is connected on my galaxy s II but strangely i can only skype and thats it.

I have followed ur steps but its not changed the situation. I cant believe it! I followed the steps exactly and put in the same codes and it worked. My sincerest gratitude to you all the way from Cameroon Africa!!! I was beginning to so regret the money i spent for this SgS2. Thank u and God bless you immensely! Hi I am having trouble setting up connection to my home wifi.

Tried entering settings above but i still can't get it to connect. I thought I should check the network-adapter status on my laptop but am not sure where to find this?

Fixing Samsung Galaxy I9000 Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

I am running windows vista. Any help much apreciated.

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Add your mobile mac address and device name in the router if you unable to connect to WiFi normally. Please help me Thank you very much for the grate explanation to solve this issue. I am facing same problem on my Samsung galaxy tab. I tried these settings but all in vain. Signals show all green now but Internet is still not working.. PlzZzz help!!

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On Galaxy y duos, it seem never success to change to static IP. Every time I change IP address, it revert back to I dont know to solve this. In my Galaxy ace duos i tried with the above solution. I had the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy and the solution worked like a charm and seems permanent as it is almost a couple of weeks without a problem.

I have done steps mentioned by u. I Have Samsung Galaxy S2 with updated 4. I can't update the Static IP address as the save button is greyed out and cant allow me to save.

Update Samsung J1

I had difficulty accessing our wifi connection; but because of this wi-fi settings guide you posted on the net, I was able to successfully connect to wi-fi in no time This is a very helpful guide! Again, Thank you very much! Thanks a lot for this contribution! It's been very useful for me. Luckily, I browsed your website accidentally, I bookmarked it. Thanks a lot for this contribution it's been very useful for me. I really appreciate it and I think people will like you.

Im really thankfull. I was not able to connect to my wifi connection since months but now I am able to..

Just unchecked the 'static IP' and it worked. Great job!! Everything has worked perfectly since I bought the phone, until this week when my browser keeps saying: "web page not available" when trying to connect via my home wifi. Browser works perfectly via phone network data link but NOT via my wifi. Absolutely everything else works via wifi including all apps and email. I copy the same data for my static ip setup, but it doesn't work. Further to my last post, I can now confirm that my browser is not working with any wifi router or hotspot.

I would like to thank you so much for solving the WiFi issue with my Galaxy S. The fixed IP solution worked for me. I did need to switch off and on my WiFi again to finaly solve the issue, but my internet via WiFi is fast again and also my phone seems to act faster in general. Does your browser connect via Network Packet Data? Mine does but won't connect via any wifi despite wifi being switched on and working perfectly.

Try different browsers, I tried several, some had the same problem as the default browser and would not connect. I have followed the above steps and internet started working but only in default browser Internet ; because here it is asking for username and password , and rest apps including opera mini are not working.

Model : Samsung Ace-Si. TYPE ipconfig Very effective ways! I believe Samsung Galaxy I users are being finding this post helpful whoever is facing that similar problem with networking. I don't know why people are praising this solution so much. Same holds good for the GPS signals. I'm repenting having bought this useless phone. I've been trying to get the above settings done on my GT-I; but for some reason the above has not worked for me.

For some reason the Wifi symbol does not get activated. My Phone had issues and kept restarting so had done a factory restore before i tried out the above. Hi im wondering how to solve my problem. My wifi is turning on but for another minute it wont work its still disabled and i look at the ip address it is 'unavailable' pls help me i want to use my wifi.

My phone is samsung galaxy duos pls help. I have done all the settings as you discuss but still its not working. Wifi signals shows but no access of internet! This is not a fix, it is a workaround. How do you know the ip address for public locations like starbucks or hotels? Google is clogged up with these so called "solutions". If you label it as a workaround people don't have to sift through gb's of crap to find the real answer.

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I have samsung galaxy ace phone. I have applied manual settings ip is defined gateway I can browse internet through wifi router D-link. But i can't use viver,skype. Asked 5 years, 2 months ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Could you please help me figure this out? The MAC address changes by itself? That's why I posted this question. I'm astonished as well.

The smartphone's wifi turned out to be spoofed. With a random MAC address? Why did you do that? JasonC yes almost. Only the last few numbers are changing. Unless you specifically installed some app or mod to change the MAC address, that almost sounds more like a bug in a custom kernel mod. Did you root the device? JasonC no I personally did nothing. I've also been told that the device is made in Korea and that the Wi-Fi used is a cheap one that is spoofed. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.