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How to Change Icons

To change icons for these apps, you will need to disable SIP, which you can do by following our guide. The good news is that once you have changed the icons, you can re-enable SIP, and the changes you've made will stick — though, you may have to repeat the process for bigger macOS updates that may modify these apps, as these updates may reset some of your icon changes. This application provides a quick way to modify icons — just drag a new image or icon file on the file type that you want to change.

You may change icons for various folder types, external media, and all the applications installed on your system though, it is still subject to the SIP limitation described above. You may download LiteIcon from the official website , or through Homebrew Cask by using the following Terminal command:. What do you think? Are you going to try changing your icons a shot?

Do you perhaps know any interesting icon packs you'd like to try? Let us know in the comments below!

How to personalize your macOS desktop by replacing file and folder icons with other images

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Custom URL Icons

Anonymous form close x. This article shows you how to change the icon of any file or folder on your Mac. Apart from adding a bit of personal style to your desktop, there are good practical reasons why you might want to do so. For example, perhaps you've dragged some folders to your Dock so that you can easily drop items into them, but you don't want to have to keep hovering your mouse over their generic blue icons to identify which is which. Carbon Folders by necramar To customize a file or folder icon, simply follow the steps below.

You can use your own pictures as icons. Note: If you find icons online in the. Double-click the picture or icon you want to use to open it in your Mac's built-in Preview app. Next, right-click or Ctrl-click the file or folder whose icon you want to change and select Get Info from the contextual menu. Click the icon in the top left of the Info panel to select it.

How to Change Mac Folder Icons - XO PIXEL

Click the red traffic light to close the Info panel, and you're done. Related Roundup: macOS Mojave. Top Rated Comments View all. CandyBar, Kaleidoscope… apps such as these gave a little more life to the Mac. I miss them. Niko Todd. I would be a lot more excited about this again if custom folder icons would show up in the Finder sidebar.

Did not appreciate that when Apple eliminated the feature awhile ago. Just tried it and it's still the case. I wasted so much time editing icons in ResEdit. I made a radioactive Trash can once.

How to Change an Icon in Mac OS X

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